• The minimum own contribution is determined by each Bank individually, however, it cannot be lower than 30%,
  • the loan can be taken out for a period of 30 years, however, up to the age of 75 (i.e. assuming that we apply for a loan at the age of 60, the maximum period will be 15 years),
  • the loan interest rate is very different and depends on the bank where we apply for a loan, we can say that on average it is about 2.7% + one-year EURIBOR,
  • the procedure for early repayment of the loan is usually the same as in Poland, i.e. after 3 full years from taking out, the loan can be repaid in full or overpaid without additional fees.

  • Certificate of having an account from the bank – bank opinion (translated into Spanish),
  • list of income earned from the previous year or for the current year – balance sheet (translated into Spanish – e.g. PIT settlement with the Tax Office),
  • current certificate of earnings (in case of work) translated into Spanish,
  • photocopy of passport,
  • BiK excerpt,
  • N.I.E. number

Taxes from the Andalusia region:
Taxes related to the purchase of real estate are divided into one-time ones:

  • VAT on the primary market 10%,
  • transfer tax,
  • ownership secondary market 7%,
  • AJD tax (Actos Jurídicos Documentados), i.e. Polish PCC – 1.2% of the purchase price – reduced from 1.5%

And the annual ones:

  • Property tax ( ibi ) and garbage collection,
  • tax for non-residents ( irnr ),
  • wealth tax (“impuesto sobre el patrimonio”) – FROM 21/09/2022 THE “0” RATE IS APPLICABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

All formal issues, including arranging the NIE number, opening an account, conducting the Anti-Money Laundering process and even media rewriting can be outsourced to a hired specialist lawyer who will guide us through the purchase process from A to Z.

As PlanoSpain, we cooperate only with reputable law firms with many years of experience on the market and, most importantly, with the full process in Polish.


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